Our Services

Our Services

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We are in charge of the interactions of order flow, production and delivery. We also guarantee regulatory and administrative procedures related to the transfer and export of finished products. We take care of the organization of production in terms of time, cost and quality specified.


The cutting is performed with care and precision thanks to our equipment and our highly-qualified team. It can be applied to large and medium production volumes, while minimizing fabric waste and wastage.


The importance of having a design office like ours allows you to benefit from advice and proposals for the choice and research of materials, supplies and accessories related to your product, as well as the development of pre-production samples, to ensure and consolidate the desired result.


We put in place a strict assembly-line management, but in compliance with social and environmental requirements. It is carried out according to agile manufacturing practices. Throughout the production process, our focus is on quality, responsiveness and timeliness according to our clients expectations.


Our team is in charge of the quality control, examines every detail of every garment, checks the conformity of the finishes and makes fixings or retouching in case a default is identified, in order to achieve the expected results.


For you to receive your product in the best conditions, each garment is ironed and conditioned. It is protected in such a way that its quality is preserved.


Ready to be loaded and exported to their destinations, finished garments are labeled then packed either on hangers or plastic. At their arrival to their destination, they should be ready to be displayed in the stores.

How do we proceed

How do we proceed

Pre-production stage
We start with the realization of a prototype that will determine the end product solicited by the client.
Deciding on the working method
We design the appropriate working method, while taking into account the respect of delivery deadlines.
During-production control
A careful control is carried out during production to prevent and avoid manufacturing faults.
Quality control
Quality control is carried out at the exit of the assembly line.
Final test
Lastly, we check whether the product meets the specifications or pre-established requirements made by the client.
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